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By improving our own ability to read, comprehend, and present research literature, we are training a new generation of researchers and presenting research to the public in a more accessible manner.

We host workshops, offer one-on-one presentation consultations, and provide opportunities to present undergraduate research.


SciComm hosts biweekly research-centered events, designed for anyone intent on understanding recent discoveries or interested in sharing their own. Events include workshops, presentations, and discussions regarding research skills and topics in both the sciences and the humanities.  Members have the opportunity to join these events as well as share their expertise.

BENCH TO bytes

Bench to Bytes logo.jpeg

Bench to Bytes is a self-paced learning challenge designed to help students develop and practice valuable coding skills in any language of their choice. This is a great chance to connect with other students, learn how to code, and win some prizes along the way!

Check out our Hopkins Groups page to RSVP to our kickoff event on Feb 6th!

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